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Missing Milk


I've recently started blogging about my families journey towards eating paleo. That sounds incredibly boring. It sort of is, but you've got to make your own fun while your a Mum who's cranky she isn't going to win a prize in the Maccas Monopoly game this year.

So I started to blog about it.

Partly for fun, partly to hold myself accountable and partly to have lots of people available when I ask for help! That lead me here chatting to you guys. Along with a few other bloggers, I'll be hanging out with you a few times a week, hoping to share some info of what works for my family and what doesn't. Probably mostly what doesn't!

So a proper introduction...My names Miki.

I'm a teacher who's mostly a SAHM these days. I'm married to a hubby who works fly in fly out and we have two little boys, Liam 3 and Max 1. We live out on a dairy farm in WA in a little old house.

Here's a photo of my boys where they look at least 5 times cuter and cleaner than they do on a regular day...  

They're a full year older than this pic now but they weren't grubby and I need to keep up appearances for a post or two.

So why are we living on a dairy yet giving the flick to cows milk? Well my kids were miserable! We were at the doctors weekly. It was getting embarrassing. Both babies had reflux, colic, etc.

Liam has been a sickly toddler with 14 ear infections, tonsillitis and more recently croup attacks which they suspect is asthma. Finally, at 11mths old, I tried a formula for Max for kids with cow milk protein allergies. Super amazing, new beaut baby! So I then found a good doc who found a bunch of intolerances (mainly dairy and wheat) in Liam too and we seem to be on the right track finally!

I was so overwhelmed by cooking! Eating kale is not something I thought I'd ever do. The grocery lists were huge and expensive at the start but now I've got the staples and shopping for fresh produce at markets, it's not so bad. Definitely not bad when you weigh up the benefits.

I also started by choosing recipes with amazing reviews and I wasn't disappointed! Banana bread, chocolate balls and delicious green smoothies! Our menu is more delicious than it had ever been. It's just hard when I want a break from prepping food but I've learnt that a simple roast is the best go to.

So there we have it. A little bit about the food battle we're fighting at home. I can't be the only one going through this though?! Has anyone adopted a healthier way of eating and seen positive changes in their family's health and well-being?

I need all the success stories I can get to keep me on track as I'm the absolute best at negotiating my way to a Big Mac.





Miki x

P.S. Baby woke on cue and has eaten a big chunk off the side of his cot. Is that paleo?

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