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Easter Eggs

There is way too much chocolate around at this time of the year, and when it comes to eating it there are two kinds of people.

There are those who save their chocolate and slowly consume it one tiny piece of broken bunny at a time, and then there are those that scoff the whole packet of mini Crème Egg’s one sitting and tell themselves if they get rid of them now, they wont have the temptation to eat them later. Logical, right?!

Unfortunately I’m the latter, and I’m also a bit of a midnight snacker… actually maybe feaster is a better word for it. Every night whilst the family sleeps, I sneak out in my polka-dot dressing gown and raid the fridge. The day my metabolism slows down will be a very sad day.

Apparently I don’t even have to be awake and conscious to midnight feast either. I’ve been known to sleep eat. One morning I woke up to find almost an entire chicken demolished, completely baffled as to where it went. Hubby informed me I’d jumped back into bed in the very early hours of the morning and wrapped my arms and greasy fingers around him, smelling a lot like BBQ chicken. I still have no recollection of what happened. If you don’t remember eating it, the calories don’t count right?

Of all the things to snack on in the middle of the night though, those Lindt bunnies are the trickiest. You pick up those beautiful, gold, bunnies and immediately they set off an alarm. The little warning bell hanging around their neck goes off, alerting the household to exactly what I’m up to. The kid’s ears immediately prick up at the sound and I know I can no longer get away without sharing.

So thank you Lindt for watching my waistline this time of year. Maybe I need to hang bells on all our food. Better still; maybe I could just put one around my own neck?

- Talitha Sprigg

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