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5 Top Tips to help Develop Speech & Language Skills Pt 1

Child Development Learning Through Play

Language development is so important in early childhood and there are loads of fun, simple and creative ways to help your child develop their speech during day to day activities.

 Here are our top 5 tips for you to assist your little ones in develop their speech. 



  1. Turn off Technology

Turn off the screens! Children cannot learn speech or social skills from watching TV. There are very few programs that a child may benefit from watching. Children are sensory learners and thrive on active engagement with people and their surroundings. Research shows that children who watch too much TV prior to school age, are more liking to have difficulty listening and paying attention in the classroom. This will have a massive impact on their ability to learn within a school environment.


  1. Be a positive role model for your children.

Take the time to pronounce your words clearly and precisely. When addressing your child, ensure you make eye contact and where possible, kneel down to their level so you are not talking down to them. If they make a mistake when talking, simply repeat what they have said using the correct grammar and pronunciation. This validates that you have understood what the child had been trying to communicate and keeps the conversation flowing.


  1. Read Books

There is so much evidence showing that exposure to books from an early age has a significant positive impact on your child; emotionally, academically and socially. Read to your children! Push the boundaries of their imagination, take them to magical places, introduce them to unique characters, encourage their own creativity and understanding of how the world works – all through the reading of books. When reading to your child, make it fun by adding tone and expression in your voice. Books are very helpful aides in teaching your child language and social skills.


  1. Sing Songs & Rhymes

Songs and nursery rhymes are a great way to encourage speech while adding to your child’s vocabulary. Pair them up with actions to create meaning to the words, all while having a great time just having fun!


  1. Add context to what they are saying

Get into the habit of adding verbs and adjectives to your child’s “phrases”. This helps build their vocabulary and understanding of what they are taking about. It will also show them that you are interested in what they are saying which is a great confidence booster for them!

              Child: “Bird”

              Caregiver: “Yes, that is a black bird”

              Child: “Black bird”

              Caregiver: “The black bird is flying in the sky”

              Child: “Black bird sky”

              Caregiver: “Yes, it’s a lovely big, blue sky isn’t it?”


Have fun!

One of the most important factors when encouraging any kind of development is that the children are enjoy what they are doing! Play to your child’s interests and take the time be a part of their activities, even if at times it is just as a spectator. If they get frustrated, break the tension by moving on to something else.

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– Dani Davidson, LWT Toy Rep

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